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8 special ONE DC moments from 2018

Thank you for making 2018 an exciting and transformative year for ONE DC:

1. A special Emancipation Day ceremony at our newly purchased building for the Black Workers & Wellness Center (BWWC).
2. ONE DC members help get the BWWC space ready for use
3. 100,000+ signatures dropped at the HUD office to reject rent hikes
4. Cooperation DC day held at the BWWC in August
5. ONE DC members attended a training in Oakland hosted by the National Black Worker Center Project
6. Our 1st Annual Juneteenth Festival in Anacostia
7. Community artwork goes up at the Black Workers & Wellness Center
8. The idea of the Creative Reconstruction emerges at the Shared Leadership retreat

These are only a few of the incredible moments that made up 2018. Please make a tax-deductible donation today to help us continue our work in 2019 and beyond! Click here to donate.

You can also mail a check to PO Box 26049 (check must be dated 12/31/2018).

Happy New Year!

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