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Marriott Campaign

Marriott Campaign Timeline

On Juneteenth (6/19) 2015, ONE DC, the DC Black Workers Center, and the Kalmanovitz Initiative for Labor and the Working Poor released the Marriott Marquis Training Program Accountability Report.

Even with a landmark jobs training program for the new Marriott Marquis hotel and the First Source Law [which requires businesses that receive financial assistance from the District to make a “good faith effort” to hire DC residents for at least 51 percent of new jobs created] only 178 graduates of the Marriott Marquis Jobs Training Program were hired out of 719 trained.
Today, less than 150 training program graduates remain employed at the hotel.

Download and read the full report: "Trained to Death" and Still Jobless: A Case Study of the Efficacy of DC's First Source Law, Economic Development Policies, and the Marriott Marquis Jobs Training Program


  • Manna CDC's SEA Program (Shaw Education for Action) enters into a formal partnership with the Community Service Agency of the Metropolitan Council, AFL-CIO, and the Embassy Suites Hotel to create a hospitality job training program which resulted in the hiring of 25 DC residents.


  • Shaw Education for Action (SEA) members turn their attention to securing a more expansive training and hiring agreement for the new Convention Center Hotel. SEA submitted amendments to the City's funding legislation for the hotel that would set aside $3.4 million in training money and require Marriott to work with the community to create training and hiring plan with the funds.
  • Manna CDC separated from its parent company, Manna Inc, which provides affordable homeownership opportunities for low to moderate first time home buyers in the District of Columbia. Manna CDC officially became an independent organization: ONE DC.
  • The Convention Center Hotel Omnibus Financing and Development Act of 2006 is passed. DC residents who successfully complete the hotel training program will be given first consideration for positions at the Marriott Marquis hotel slated for construction and opening in spring 2014.


  • ONE DC hosts the Jobs Training Community Partnership Forum to connect residents with job training organizations willing to work within the framework and vision set forth by ONE DC.


  • ONE DC named and written into legislation as a designated agent to participate in the development of the Job Training and Hiring Program as outlined in the "New Convention Center Hotel Amendments Act of 2009" and the amended Washington Convention Center Authority Act of 1994; Section 201(3) (D.C. Official Code 10-1202.01(3).
  • ONE DC members testify before the city council about the lack of compliance and enforcement of the First Source Agreement Act, which ensures that DC residents are trained and hired for jobs.
  • ONE DC members meet with Marriott representatives, Washington Convention Sports Authority officials, and developers to map out how many jobs will be needed for the construction of the hotel and jobs inside the hotel after completion. ONE DC discusses a CBA with the developers.


  • The Marriott Marquis Hotel breaks ground. The hotel is scheduled to open in June 2014.


  • ONE DC holds two seats on the Headquarters Hotel Committee, which creates a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the program. Local community organizations, (otherwise known as the workforce intermediary), are invited to submit a proposal to implement the life skills and job skills training program for living wage jobs at the Marriott in 2014. As members of this committee, ONE DC hears the proposal and offers their recommendations for the workforce intermediary.
  • ONE DC is joined by the DC Trans Coalition to contribute questions for Marriott International's Director of Talent Acquisition to ensure 500 good jobs at the Marriott Marquis.


  • ONE DC members meet with Marriott representatives to discuss concerns about the positions that will be offered to ensure that workers will be paid a living wage, receive fair benefits, and work free from discrimination.
  • Goodwill of Greater Washington, with the support of its partners; UDC-CC, Progressive Partners, Grow, OMG Center for Collaborative Learning, and United Way of the National Capital Area is chosen as the workforce intermediary to implement the life skills and hospitality training program.
  • As part of the 2006 and 2009 Convention Center Hotel legislation, ONE DC is specifically tasked with identifying and recruiting up to 3,000 people to apply and interview for the training program. In addition, ONE DC aims to organize District residents around the need for worker equity and living wage jobs in the city.
  • ONE DC launches the ONE City, ONE Search campaign to reach out to 3,000+ District residents to apply for Washington Marriott Marquis Jobs Training Program.


  • ONE DC continues to conduct outreach to Marriott program applicants to ensure a positive experience with the training program and to ensure that long-time unemployed and underemployed District residents gain quality employment at the new Marriott Marquis hotel.