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ONE DC in the News

People build a movement. We fan our flames by working with media and news outlets to expose the perpetrators of displacement, so we can educate DC about injustices against low income people of color. By educating more people, and encouraging them to take action, we build power to disturb the system that oppresses us.


How Healthy Is Gentrification?

“For Many Black Washingtonians, Gentrification Threatens Housing and Health”

Washington DC natives fight displacement and cultural erasure to the beat of go-go music

Sankofa bookstore on track for tax relief as it fights to stay alive

Freedom School Bridges D.C. Emancipation Day’s Past and Present

D.C. Residents Discuss Future of Affordable Housing


About our work in Brookland Manor:

“In Washington D.C., zip codes still determine futures”

”Appeal of Brookland Manor project puts brakes on $600M redevelopment”

“Angry D.C. developers fight back against appeals from angry citizens groups”

“Fighting for Affordable Housing in Washington, D.C.”

Congress Heights:

“Sanford Capital Abruptly Offloads Valuable Land in Congress Heights, Increasing Tensions”

“The fight against slumlords in the nation's capital: Congress Heights tenants fight back”

“Congress Heights residents are fed up with 'slumlord'”

“Congress Heights Residents Brave Rain to Protest Outside of Politically Connected Developer's Cleveland Park Home”

People's Platform:

“Advocates talk universal housing at Woolly Mammoth”


“Trump-Style Candidate Wins Big in Virginia; DC Police Kill Man”

“‘Another Independence Day’: What Juneteenth Means To Washingtonians”

Features in We Act Radio and WJLA

Coalition News:

“DC must put a price on greenhouse gas emissions to cut pollution, advocates say”


“Workers Co-Op Comes to Ward 8” in Afro: The Black Media Authority

General Mentions:

“The Christmas gift of a fresh start”

“Washington residents join forces to sidestep rising rents”

“A New Show About Neighborhoods Facing Gentrification Offers a Cautionary Tale”

Creating the Commons

At the Anacostia Community Museum, a History of Neighborhood Organizing and Activism

Low-income D.C. tenants petition Congress to spurn Ben Carson’s plan to raise rents for America’s poorest


About our work in Brookland Manor:

"How far should government push a private company to serve the public good?"

“Would plans for Brookland Manor mean fewer affordable apartments? Yes, if you look closely."

“Controversial Brookland Manor project reduces size, affordable units”

“Residents Of Brookland Manor Want Change — But Not If It Means Dividing Families”

“‘We’re already in jail:’ Evictions and private policing at Brookland Manor”

“Jazz & Justice,” May 17, 2017, 3PM in WPFW 89.3 FM

“How one hair salon illustrates gentrification battles in the “Cappuccino City””

“MidCity's 1,700-Unit RIA Project Faces Uncertainty As Opponents Prepare To Appeal”

Coverage of Protests:

“Northeast DC residents protest proposed development”

“Tenant Advocates Plan Demonstration Tonight Outside D.C. Zoning Commission Hearing”

“DC Families in Danger of Losing Homes to Development”

“Brookland Manor tenants protest at zoning hearing, with many supporters”

“Ward 5 Tenants Accuse Developer of Discrimination”

“Washington nonprofit shows strength in empowering low-income housing residents” in Presbyterian Mission

“ONE DC People's Platform puts Kenyan McDuffie on mock trial over Brookland Manor”

“Congress Heights and Brookland Manor residents take displacement fears to the Wilson Building”

Congress Heights:

“Attorney General Racine Announces Court-Appointed Receiver to Manage Congress Heights Property”

“D.C. Residents Are Fighting a Slumlord to Regain Control of Their Neighborhood”

“Sanford Capital to 'Negotiate Exclusively' With Congress Heights Tenants Over Their Property's Future”

From DC to Jerusalem: fighting displacement and colonization


Who Has ‘A Right to the City?’


Beyond Gentrification: Hundreds Of DC Residents Being Forced From Their Homes

Radical Visions: Failed Jobs Training Programs Inspire A ‘Black Worker Center’ In DC"


Equitable Development in Shaw


DC’s Poorest Residents Fight Displacement by Gentrification


Separate and Unequal in D.C. A Story of Race, Class & Washington Politics