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ONE Right to Housing and Land

ONE Right to Community Controlled Land and Housing 

ONE DC's Right to Housing campaign supports long-time DC residents struggling against displacement and for safe and affordable housing. We organize with tenants to resist landlord's & developer's displacement tactics; to convert tenant buildings into cooperatives; or win resident's right to return. Through direct action, political education, and a slew of other organizing strategies, we work to ensure that housing remains truly affordable and seek to minimize citywide efforts to privatize and demolish much-needed subsidized & public housing. Our citywide People’s Platform puts forward a platform to create truly affordable housing and end the displacement of long-time residents in an increasingly inequitable city.





Right to Housing Campaigns:

Cancel Rent

ONE DC's Right to Housing committee is currently spearheading the Cancel Rent Campaign as part of the DC Cancel Rent Coalition. The Coronavirus Pandemic is a global crisis unlike any other experienced in modern history. The inequitable economic conditions and a fragile social safety net exacerbated the crisis. Additionally, the effects of the pandemic are deeply racialized. Black Americans have the highest overall mortality rate. The variety of pre-existing economic conditions many Black and Brown people face (e.g. higher unemployment, food insecurity, housing insecurity, lack of healthcare, etc.) are principally responsible for this disparity in mortality. We need to Cancel Rent because every DC resident should be able to make it through this pandemic whole. Cancelling Rent will ensure that Black long-time DC residents, people of color, and working class people are able to stay in the District and be a part of the District’s recovery.




For more information contact the Right to Housing Organizer Patrick Gregoire at [email protected]

Or join the Right to Housing Committee Meetings every other Thursday at 6:30pm on Zoom.