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Right to Housing Mini-Assembly

Right to housing members participate in an interactive map of experiences with displacement in DC: “She couldn’t ever afford to buy her home.”

"My grandmother lives in Northeast. They’re watching their neighborhood change. They get cold calls of people wanting to buy their home.”

Displacement by force is one way long-time DC residents have lost their homes: “I became a victim of domestic violence. And then I actually lost my housing voucher since they said I had too much money in my account.”

“My mom and I kept falling into the cracks. I went straight from being a ward of the state to case closed homeless at 17.”

“We want you to think big. We want you to think about institutions.”

Participants share their experiences of landlord neglect in DC within breakout groups: “The whole soap dish was black from mold. Then they hired inexperienced workers who mishandled it.”

Some people felt they couldn’t be secure in housing unless they could afford to buy a house: “The system is responsible and they keep doing it to us. They wouldn’t do this if it was white people.”

“We want to take our anger and our issues to DCHA, DCRA and Mayor Bowser. We need to study and reflect before we can assess and attack.”

Nae came to the Right to Housing Mini-Assembly to fight for justice, just like her idol Ida B. Wells.

Next up for ONE DC’s Right to Housing Committee is the Freedom School. We’ll dive deeper into the issues raised by participants in the mini assembly: Displacement by Force and Landlord Neglect. All of this work will lead to our city-wide People’s Assembly in the Fall. To get involved, email Patrick at [email protected] or call 202.232.2915.

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