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People's Platform

What is the People's Platform?

The mayoral campaign is in full swing, and we need to use it to hold politicians accountable. But right now the agenda is being set by developers and big business, while the needs of returning citizens, single mothers, seniors, youth, and long-term residents are ignored. We need to come together to craft the solutions our communities need. That’s why ONE DC and our allies are developing a “People’s Platform” for the next election. The People's Platform is co-sponsored by Empower DC, Barry Farms Study Circle, Our DC, DC Working Families, DC Jobs with Justice, and the Fair Budget Coalition.

Why Should I Get Involved?

Your voice does matter! If you don’t speak up, more residents will be pushed out of the city as more luxury apartments, market-rate condos, low-wage jobs pop up! Politicians talk a big game about supporting affordable housing yet they continue to tear down public housing, let owners ‘opt-out’ of project-based Section 8, and allow the definition of affordable housing to be out of reach for the average Washingtonian! It’s time we take back the city and demand that the city remain accessible to all—not just those who can afford the rising cost of living!

How Can I Get Involved?

Become a ONE DC delegate and join the growing coalition of DC organizations who are holding public officials accountable. Help craft our People’s Platform at citywide neighborhood forums, which record the priorities of long-time, low-income DC residents. Check out our list of upcoming neighborhood forums.

What does it mean to be a ONE DC delegate?

As a delegate, you get the opportunity to represent your ‘hood. As a delegate, you get to shape your neighbors’ concerns at the neighborhood forum. You get the chance to plan how ONE DC and others group will hold the next mayor accountable!

Where do I go to learn more about the People’s Platform?

Call or email ONE DC today to learn more about our growing movement. ONE DC needs your participation to make sure DC is equitable for everyone! For almost two decades, ONE DC has helped residents turn their homes into affordable coops, fought for truly affordable housing, and even won the right to outreach to 3,000 DC residents for jobs in the hospitality industry.

ONE DC Office - (202) 232-2915

Email - [email protected]

What Else Can I Do to Support the People's Platform?

1. Register as a DC voter to vote in the Democratic Primary on April 1, 2014. Then, become a People's Platform Voter! Vote Principles, Not Popularity. Save and print the cards below. Let us know what you will demand from the next mayor as a member of the People's Platform.


 2. Attend and/or Volunteer at the March 8 Mayoral Forum. Help us with outreach by printing & distributing the flyer below. Click on the image to download the flyer PDF.


3. Tweet @_ONEDC using #peoplesplatform and #vision4DC or #ifiwasmayor to let us know what your vision of a equitable DC is.

4. Like us & RSVP to the March 8 Mayoral Forum on Facebook, Follow ONE DC on Twitter, and Follow ONE DC on Instagram @ONE_DC.