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Our movements are built through storytelling - Help us launch

ONE DC and National Employment Law Project have partnered together to bring the first-hand experiences of four Black workers about how the COVID-19 pandemic and unemployment compensation system in DC has impacted them, their families, and community.

Alicia, B.J., Diego, and Leonard are Black workers in DC of varying ages, gender, employment, backgrounds, and experiences. These stories are shared for many reasons. They are shared because of the beauty and power of storytelling. Their stories are also shared to connect with other Black workers because we have all been deeply impacted by a racist economic structure. These stories are an offering to those involved in the work to support Black workers.

All of our voices are coming forward when we tell our stories.  For this reason, please share this site with your networks and we encourage Black workers and jobseekers to share their stories, their dreams and visions for the future.

Visit, a new website featuring stories of four Black workers from Washington, DC whose first-hand experiences reflect their frustration and vision for a new future while navigating mutual aid, unemployment compensation and uncertainty during this pandemic. Can you relate? Tell your story!

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