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Defend the Black Vote for One Fair wage


One Fair Wage - Initiative 77, which would raise the wage for tipped workers from $3.89/hr to $15/hr PLUS TIPS by 2025, was passed by the majority of DC voters in the June 2018 election. On July 10, the DC Council introduced a bill to repeal One Fair Wage - Initiative 77. Even though 6 out of the 7 wards voted YES for One Fair Wage, the DC Council and Mayor Bowser are siding with big industry capitalists and lobbyists who are actively working right now to overturn the initiative.

To overturn One Fair Wage effectively overturns the peoples' vote. We must show the DC Council that we will not be disrespected! We must tell the DC Council to respect and defend the will of the voters and not repeal Initiative 77.

Come out and join them at the following public events to show our power and testify to the council. Hold them accountable - Let your elected officials know why they must respect the vote and protect 77!

  • Friday, September 14 - Press Conference
  • Monday, September 17 - DC Council Hearing. Click here to RSVP
  • Friday, September 28 - Ward 8 Town Hall Meeting
  • Tuesday, October 2 and 16 - DC Council will vote on 2 separate days to overturn YOUR vote.

Here are the FACTS:

  • Initiative 77 will raise the wage for tipped workers incrementally by $1.50/year over 7 years. So the minimum wage will rise from $3.89 to $15/hr PLUS tips by 2025.
  • DC voters overwhelmingly voted for Initiative 77 by a 56% to 44% margin.
  • Initiative 77 had greatest support among lower-income wards with a higher African-American population. Low to no support came from the wealthiest ward with a higher White population.
  • DC Council and Mayor Bowser are trying to overturn the initiative instead of respecting the democratic process and the will of the people.
  • Wards 7 and 8 had the highest support of Initiative 77, yet even Council members Trayon White and Vincent Gray have decided to ignore their constituents who voted them into office and have signed on to repeal the DC vote.

Sign up for more information and to attend. Sign up to tell your story at public events.
Contact: Latrice
email: [email protected]
Call: 202-360-1177


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