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In the News - Courthouse News: "D.C. developers accused of pushing out poor" 08.26.16

A legal news source, Courthouse News Service describes the current class action lawsuit filed by tenants at Brookland Manor. Both claimants have 4-bedroom apartments, and the redevelopment plan calls for the removal of all 4 and 5 bedroom apartments. There are presently 116 units with four or five bedrooms, which are not common in the District of Columbia. Currently, only 8 percent of DC housing units have 4 bedrooms and only 4 percent have 5 or more bedrooms.

In addition to the reduction in unit size, the percentage and number of affordable units on the property will also be decreased. Tenants and their advocates argue that many low-income and large-family residents will be displaced to wards 7 or 8 or to nearby parts of Maryland, disconnecting them from their existing support structures. They purport that the redevelopment plan is discriminating against and disproportionately affecting families. Read the article at Courthouse News Service

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