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From the Streets to the Rooftops


Long-time Washingtonian? Newer resident? Concerned about gentrification and displacement?

"From the Streets to the Rooftops" was a series of community learning events to bring together long-time Washingtonians and newer residents to discuss the issues of displacement and gentrification. Residents had the opportunity to share their expertise and learn from the life experiences of others. The series was broken down into five separate, but connected events.

April 4th: What Drives Urban Renewal?

This kick-off event explored the structural and economic forces that drive urban blight and renewal through small and large group discussions. By looking at first-hand experiences as well as past research, and analyzing the specific actors at play, we will develop a holistic understanding of the dynamic, interrelated forces behind urban renewal and displacement.

May 2nd: The Mythology of Urban Poverty

This workshop laid bare and challenged myths about poverty, people of color, and people with low incomes. In small groups, we dissected selected examples of television, movie, music, online and print media. After groups shared their analyses, we then explored how this mythology is connected to urban renewal and displacement.

May 30th: Resistance Past and Present

This panel-discussion showcased past and present efforts to fight displacement, with an emphasis on local struggles in DC. Panelists will use video, presentations, and storytelling to give insights into their organizing successes and lessons. We also explored the role of solidarity and how diverse groups have been able to work together on issues of displacement.


July 26th: Our Streets - An Exhibit of Collected Stories

Join ONE DC, community artists, organizers, new and longtime residents as we explore the cultural diversity of DC through music, poetry, art, and interactive activities. Join in the group meditation and reflection, and participate in discussions around topics of local concern which include the economic cycle of gentrification, the myths of poverty and entitlement, and the successes and challenges of past movements. As we celebrate our shared human experiences and our cultural diversity simultaneously, we will explore the next steps to fight gentrification and the displacement of communities.