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DC Solidarity Economy Summit

Join the movement to build a just, equitable, sustainable economy in DC!

DC is the symbolic heart of the current economy, one that is characterized by deepening inequality, unjust policies, a thwarted democracy, and ecological damage. The endless drive for profit and growth hurt people, communities, and the Earth.

But that's not the whole story. In DC and around the world, seeds are being planted for a new kind of economy -- one that is rooted in the values of democracy, justice, cooperation, self-determination, and sustainability. Join us Saturday, December 6th as we learn about solidarity economy models from around the world and explore how we can build a movement to transform our economy.

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Sessions include:

  • Deepening Democracy, Broadening Ownership: Worker Cooperatives, Public Banks, Participatory Budgeting, Community Land Trusts
  • Financing the Movement: Transformative Finance
  • Learning from Natural Systems
  • What Will It Take? Power Won't Concede Without a Fight

There will also be a Time Bank Exchange, Solidarity Economy Market (by ONE Love), and delicious food provided by our local worker cooperative catering company, Zenful Bites.


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