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People's Platform Sept 8 Press Conference

Every successful movement started with people just like you. People who are simply tired of being pushed around, lied to, and oppressed. As we speak, thousands of us are being pushed out of the city as more luxury apartments, market-rate condos, and low-wage jobs appear! Politicians talk a big game about supporting affordable housing, yet they continue to tear down public housing, let owners ‘opt-out’ of project-based Section 8, and build “affordable” housing that’s not really affordable! Now we have to get organized and build a people’s movement for an inclusive, equitable vision of DC!

The People’s Platform is an alliance that reflects the legislative and political priorities of long-time, low-income D.C. residents. It is a multi-year, multi-generation, and multi-organizational effort to fight for a city that actually meets the needs of all residents, not just the select residents our current politicians and developers want to cater to.

Will you join us as we take our demands for a more equitable city to the next mayor and city council members?


September 08, 2014 at 9:00am - 4pm
John A. Wilson Building
ONE DC · · 202.232.2915
Patricia Penny Brigette Rouson Eva Seidelman

Will you come?