People's Platform General Body Meeting



This month, ONE DC's base will come together for a popular education program on People's Platform Principle #6: Equitable and equal access to a free, decent, holistic, non-imperialistic education that creates critical, political thinkers and leaders. We will engage in political education to discuss the affordable housing crisis in D.C with interactive activities designed to engage members and focus on how we would solve the housing crisis.

Come out and support ONE DC and become a critical thinker about the issues facing D.C. and learn to ask why they are occurring.

The People’s Platform is a movement of low-income and working class DC residents of color and people who share our values and vision. We seek to organize, educate, fight for and win truly affordable housing, sustaining work, and wellness for all in DC. Our monthly People's Platform general body is a space where we work towards our goals by prioritizing political education and leadership development in our work; centering the leadership of working class black women; being funded by our base; always seeking to build a deeper analysis and assessing our work; building alternative institutions; learning from past movement's successes and limitations; championing non-reformist reforms; and always seeking to be a part of a broader movement that is multi-national, multi-ethnic, multi-gender, and multi-class.


Will you come?