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Lincoln Westmoreland II

"They want to cash in on the changing face of Shaw." -Ms. Andrea Christie, long-time resident at Lincoln Westmoreland II, now Heritage at Shaw Station. The building owners opted out of the Section-8 federal subsidy program that maintained the building's affordablility. As residents strengthen their tenant association to explore options and fight back, management has tried to intimidate, disrupt, discredit and discourage them.


In August 2013, Lincoln Westmoreland II management renamed the building to "Heritage at Shaw Station," advertising "luxury" apartments in what was once a Section 8 subsidized building.

We are currently working with the Lincoln Westmoreland II Tenant Association (TA) to:

  • Host 3 or more leadership development workshops for tenant association members
  • Support the tenant association in recruiting 30 new dues paying members
  • Build capacity for direct action and conduct at least one public action
  • Pressure management to include the tenant association in decision making

In September 2013, LWII tenants staged a direct action to force the building owners to acknowledge their grievances and concerns.

A few weeks later, the owners canceled the agreed to meeting with the residents.