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Gwendolyn Johnson

Originally a Southern belle, Gwendolyn Johnson relocated to the D.C. area to attend Howard University in the 1960’s. Since her graduation, she has remained in D.C. Now as a Washingtonian for the last forty years, Ms. Johnson has dedicated her life to assisting others to ensure that everyone has the tools they need to flourish and grow. For the thirty plus years, she had been a pre-school teacher, teaching these young minds that they are capable of fulfilling all of their dreams. In addition to teaching, she has been politically involved in D.C. and national electoral campaigns. She was pivotal in D.C.’s recent mayoral election, phone-banking, canvassing, and recruiting voters. She did similar work on President Barack Obama’s historic presidential campaign. Through the Foundry United Methodist Church, she also served as a church’s chair and representative for D.C.’s local faith-based organizing group, Washington Interfaith Network (WIN). Since her departure from WIN, Ms. Johnson has been a trailblazer for justice at ONE DC, coordinating People’s Platform campaign meetings, testifying in front of D.C.’s city council, and scheduling accountability members with public officials. She committed to leading the march for economic and racial justice and believes ONE DC is one of the few organizations in D.C. that will be able to build the economic and racial justice movement D.C. sorely needs. Ms. Johnson is also the vice president chair of the program committee of the DC Democratic Women Club and a member of the DC Federation of Democratic Women. She is now with the ministry at New Bethel Baptist Church, working with the pastor and visiting churches to make sure all needs are met. She feels proud to live in the District and will continue to fight for our rights in any way necessary.