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Equitable Development Conference

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When: Thursday, March 26 from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Where: The Marvin Center Grand Ballroom 800 21st Street Northwest Washington, DC 20052



2014 Equitable Development Conference - "Is Equitable Development Possible in the 21st Century? Prospects and Possibilities for Washington DC"

Together with The George Washington University, ONE DC hosted the inaugural equitable development symposium,"Is Equitable Development Possible in the 21st Century? Prospects and Possibilities for Washington DC.” The symposium emphasized the need for equitable development across the nation in general and within the DC region in particular.

By Bianca Valencia, The George Washington University

From the start of the planning committee, GW’s Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service (CCEPS) was excited to have the opportunity to partner with a strong, substantive, community-based organization like ONE DC. The collaboration between Gregory Squires (GW) and Dominic Moulden (ONE DC) in writing the social policy article entitled “Equitable Development Comes to DC” truly initiated a great start. The symposium that occurred on Thursday, March 27, 2014 brought about 120 participants.

It was wonderful to have local residents and GW academic faculty and students all come together for this event. Each of them had the opportunity to learn from one another and grow in their networks. In regards to students, it is essential that they not only learn from books, but also from people within their field of study. In this way, they learn to value the knowledge that comes from the community members’ life experiences. This creates a greater sense of pride and connection between their major and the surrounding environment.

The planning committee consisted of the executive director from CCEPS (Amy Cohen), resource organizer from ONE DC (Dominic Moulden), GW sociology, public policy, and public administration professor (Dr. Gregory Squires), adjunct professor at American University (Kalfani Ture), and two GW student event coordinators (Leah Galasso and Bianca Valencia). They each played a critical role in determining the needs of the symposium and executing those plans. Specifically, it was absolutely great to work with Kalfani because of his involved nature with equitable development. In fact, he was an intern for ONE DC, and is currently a doctoral candidate of anthropology and an approaching faculty member.

As for the student coordinators, Leah and Bianca were both able to grow and develop new skills since working on the symposium. They both quickly realized that committee meetings were starkly different from a classroom environment. They also never worked in a participatory democracy before. However, after the readjustment period, both students were able to create their own mark and coordinate with each other in order to complete various tasks. By the end, they both became more confident in not only approaches of creating a large-scale event, but also in group collaboration.

Overall, the Equitable Development Symposium was a tremendous success. The hope is to make this event annual as to increase awareness and draw more networks to create solutions to the current problem. The Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service, as well as the GW community are more than excited to continue their partnership with ONE DC.

Below are two short articles written by Dominic Moulden of ONE DC and Gregory Squires of GWU that outline the context and goals of this symposium.

Equitable Development Comes to DC

Equitable Development: One Example in ONE DC

Below is an article written by Dominic Moulden, Gregory Squires, and Kalfani N. Ture that highlights the key themes from the symposium.

Equitable Development Moves Forward in the Nation's Capital

And finally, here are two videos from the symposium itself featuring Rosemary Ndubuizu and Jessica Gordon Nembhard of ONE DC and Kalfani Ture.