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Building the Foundation for the Work

In August, ONE DC’s focus has been centered around the theme of “building”: whether that be through the renovation of our home in the Black Workers and Wellness Center or through the strengthening of the organizational structure on which our future work will be done.

Over the past month, we have held both our Staff and Shared Leadership Team retreats, in which we molded our goals and strategies for the future. During the SLT retreat, we reflected on our accomplishments over the past five years and developed our Movement Vision in which we identified our goals for the next five years.

ONE DC's Shared Leadership Team at the Annual Retreat

As well as renovating the Black Workers and Wellness Center, we want to develop more community alternatives in the future.  We plan on creating an East of the River worker coop with MOMIES LLC, base-building with Black and Brown workers and returning citizens, in partnership with Trabajadores Unidos, Afro-Latino Caucus, Family and Friends of Incarcerated People, Serve Your City, National Reentry Network, DC Jobs with Justice, LiUNA, and GRID Alternatives. Similarly, we want to continue creating political education spaces and other opportunities for popular education on worker rights, racial unemployment, job related opportunities, and economic alternatives. We focused our intentions to expand on our base building movements by: cultivating the next generation of leaders through youth apprenticeships and internships and gaining 500 members per year, leading to 2,500 new members by 2025. Furthermore, we aim to continue our work in political education and leadership development by sustaining 25 members  per year in our LEAP program and holding more Freedom Schools in conjunction with our larger campaigns.

In our People’s Platform, People’s Assembly & Right to Housing Campaigns we aim to preserve public land by gaining community control of land through a community land trust located East of the River. This work will be spearheaded by our Fall People's Assembly and will work hand in hand with our continued affiliation with Homes for All (Right to the City) and grassroots housing organizations around U.S. The People’s Platform will also hold monthly political education with curriculum geared toward community control over land and housing. Finally, we aim to send members and staff on learning journeys to visit Chainbreakers, Dudley Street LT, City Life/Vida Urbana and Charm City Land Trust to learn and build.

Entwined in the future of ONE DC is the transition of long-time Resource Organizer, Dominic Moulden, from staff to member. ONE DC and Dominic are committed to ensuring the organizational history and information is transferred on to the next generation. Because of this, a Transition Committee has been formed made up of ONE DC members, the Shared Leadership Team, and staff, and is responsible for identifying knowledge transfer, strengthening staff leadership, and working to ensure a smooth transition for the organization. Recently, we hired a documentation consultant to assist the transition committee and on September 19th the committee will hold a Funder’s briefing to update major ONE DC contributor’s on the transition and our work as a whole.

As a result of both this transition and our movement vision, ONE DC is now hiring! We are looking for three exceptional organizers who are passionate about grassroots community organizing and committed to the struggle for liberation.

We are currently hiring for the following positions:

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