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Poncho Popcorn is the second-self personification of a person born to the name Jamee Garland. Poncho was born, raised and educated in the District of Columbia, gaining a B.A. in Sociology from Howard University. After the events of 9/11, Poncho felt they had to be more than a passive participant and became a political activist; for several years they organized for housing and homeless rights, culminating in the Take Back the Land, land occupation. Years of collective living and APOC (Anarchist People of Color) organizing lead them to working on behalf of voters rights. Seeing that felons were being denied basic American rights, they moved back to the nation's capitol to fight full time for ex-offenders, most of whom began their unfortunate criminal records with simple marijuana arrest. 

Upon returning to DC, Poncho became one of the pivotal members of DCMJ organized the public, petitioned and lobbied elected officials for the legalization of Marijuana. In 2014, the good people of the District of Columbia voted to legalize cannabis possession and home cultivation. Years later they worked again with DCMJ to successfully decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms in DC. After working as a key player in legalization, they worked as an administrator for a Medical Marijuana dispensary in SE DC. Poncho has used their skills of mediation, contract negotiation, event planning and extensive knowledge of local laws to organize a number of informative events, including the education panel of the Capitol CannaShow (DC largest cannabis industry trade show). 
Poncho has now come full circle in becoming the coordinator for the Black Workers & Wellness Center. This is an amazing opportunity for Poncho to give back to the Anacostia neighborhood that raised them. They look forward to contributing positively to our shared community and facilitating more growth for our people.