Become a ONE DC Member


What does it mean to be a ONE DC member?

As a ONE DC member, I have the right to:

  • Gain and Share Knowledge by participating in free workshops to cultivate political organizing knowledge and skills. 
  • Exercise my Power for Positive Change! ONE DC members are key supporters of ONE DC by taking our message of equity to others and supporting our campaigns for housing, income, and wellness. 
  • Exercise Our Collective Strength by joining a movement for racial, economic, and social justice.

As a ONE DC member, I pledge to:

  • Take it to the Streets by taking action for One Right to Housing, One Right to Income, and One Right to Wellness.
  • Each One Teach One! Participate in leadership development workshops.
  • Participate with ONE DC by attending monthly campaign and member meetings; join in our actions that demonstrate our collective power; Freedom Schools; and other community gatherings.
  • Make Our Voices Heard! Attend the annual meeting to share ideas, and strategize ways to advance the work.
  • Build a Stronger DC! Give at least 1 hour of time per month to do work that supports ONE DC’s campaigns, fundraising, or social networking.
  • Pay Annual Membership Dues! Dues are $20 per year for DC residents, $50 per year for regional members, and $500 per year for organizational members.

Membership dues are used to fund membership activities & the ongoing campaigns of ONE DC.

Can't afford membership dues? Make an in-kind donation by volunteering your time, resources, or talent.

Not interested in becoming a member? Find out other ways to support ONE DC.

If you have an issue checking out using PayPal, please email us at or try to check out as a guest.


  • ONE DC Annual Member

    $20.00 one-time
    ONE DC annual membership for members living in Washington, DC.
  • ONE DC Regional Member

    $50.00 one-time

    ONE DC annual membership dues for members living outside of Washington, DC

  • ONE DC Organizational Member

    $500.00 one-time
    ONE DC annual membership dues for organizational members, such as community organizations, small businesses, faith-based institutions, unions, educational institutions, etc.
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