ONE Right to Housing and Land

ONE DC's Right to Housing campaign supports long-time DC residents struggling against displacement and for safe and affordable housing regardless of income or wealth. We educate and organize tenants to resist management/owners’ punitive displacement tactics, convert their buildings into cooperatives or win their right to return. Through direct action and a slew of other organizing strategies, we demand  and work to ensure that housing remains truly affordable and seek to minimize citywide efforts to privatize and demolish much-needed affordable housing. Our citywide People’s Platform advocates for policy initiatives that will create truly affordable housing and end the displacement of longtime residents in an increasingly inequitable city.

Over the last two decades, politicians have promised a city that would be economically and racially diverse. Yet mayoral administration after another has accelerated existing class- and race-based inequities. Dozens of public housing complexes have been demolished; thousands of project-based Section 8 units are at risk of termination; and unemployment continues to skyrocket in underserved parts of the city. As one of our long-time members recently noted, "There are two DCs: one for the rich and one for the poor; and the politicians won't stop until all poor people are out of DC for good."

At ONE DC, we believe in the universal right to housing and land, regardless of income or wealth. Our primary goals are to:

  • Strengthen the rights and capacity of low-income tenants to find and remain in affordable/public housing through tenant organizing, policy initiatives, legal support, pressuring owners/managers, and direct action.
  • Educate and organize tenants to purchase and convert their buildings into cooperatives.
  • Demand and ensure the majority of new housing developed on public land is affordable.