Cooperation DC

ONE DC is proud to announce we will be the fiscal and organizational home for Cooperation DC. Cooperation DC is a distinct project within ONE DC that is focused on providing technical assistance to worker cooperatives, with a focus on low-income communities of color. Cooperation DC will work closely with the ONE DC Black Workers Center, which will be conducting outreach, popular education, and organizing with workers who may be interested in starting worker coops.

Some of the key goals of Cooperation DC for 2015 include: 
1. Providing technical assistance, including governance, business planning, conflict management, and legal and financial advice, to a minimum of 10 worker cooperatives. We have currently begun working with four cooperatives. 
2. Organize a DC Worker Cooperation Coalition to demand the DC government support the worker cooperative ecosystem. 
3. Train five new lawyers who demonstrate a commitment to supporting worker cooperatives. 
4. Form a partnership with the Working World, an organization that facilitates finance for worker cooperatives nationwide.

From November 5-7, Cooperation DC will host a series of events and trainings related to worker cooperatives. There will be a session for training potential and current worker owners, one to expand our stock of worker cooperative lawyers, a community event where we'll put worker coops in context of a more equitable economy, and stakeholder convening with funders and government officials to share our vision and goals. Please contact Allison Basile at or call 443-562-5856 for more information or to get involved with the work of Cooperation DC.

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commented 2016-01-11 14:34:45 -0500
So…if you know anything about my faith journey home to Herndon Friends Meeting, my work in interfaith racial justice organizing, my life at Eastern Village Cohousing, and my struggle with nonviolent communication (NVC) at every level… you might get why this cooperative economics movement is so important to me and my work to support ex-offenders/returning citizen survivors of our US mass incarceration, create their own businesses and lives based on NVC, including their own cooperative restaurant and community justice center in Northern Virginia.

Should we call it… “Stirring Things Up” or “Conversate” or ??? If you can help us find an affordable, accessible, inclusive space, YOU get a vote. Please be in touch.
Organizing for Neighborhood Equity in Shaw and the District