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Welcome New Black Workers & Wellness Organizer JoJo Morinvil!

Jokebed (JoJo) Morinvil is the Black Workers and Wellness Center organizer and excited to be the newest member of the ONE DC team! JoJo moved out to Washington D.C. in 2018 after graduating Rutgers University with a Bachelor’s in Biology. She spent most of her undergrad participating in grassroots organizing and fighting for a living wage for all campus workers. Since graduating, she has been a research intern at Jobs with Justice through the WILL Empower program, organized school bus drivers in Texas and worked alongside students to strategize against privatization by building student-worker power. She plans to stay in D.C. for the long-run to continue organizing in the community she calls home.

To get involved with the Right to Income Committee and Black Workers & Wellness Center, you can contact JoJo at [email protected]

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