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Patrick Gregoire

Patrick Gregoire has been organizing with ONE DC as the Right to Housing organizer since 2018. He first joined ONE DC working alongside members on the People’s Platform campaign, planning and coordinating popular education events on worker cooperatives, radical approaches to debt, Juneteenth, and Black August. Currently, Patrick heads the Right to Housing Committee where he and his team are planning a displacement focused Freedom School and conducting outreach to long-time, low-income DC residents of color to join the ONE DC Right to Housing Committee and People’s Platform. Patrick holds an MS in Peacebuilding in Global Affairs from The New York University, where he wrote his thesis on contemplative practices and how they can be used to inform, orient and support cross-cultural peacemaking endeavors. Patrick grew up traveling and spends his free time being physically active and learning about the various DC scenes. He coordinates the Right to Housing Committee, recruiting public and subsidized housing, the majority of whom are black and working-class to organize, educate, and fight for their human rights to housing. Patrick also serves as a ONE DC liaison with the Right to the City Alliance Homes for All Campaign, a nationwide platform that calls for housing justice across the United States.