Job Opportunity: Full-time Right to Income Community Organizer Beginning Immediately

ONE DC is seeking a creative and dynamic individual with a proven track record to join the ONE DC team as a Community Organizer.  The successful candidate will:

  1. Serve as strategic principals for the campaign work.  Community organizers are responsible for coordinating weekly outreach goals, including outreach strategy, membership recruitment, leadership development, one-on-one’s, and coalition building activities
  2. Must exercise a collaborative and inclusive approach to leadership development and membership recruitment to Right to Income campaigns. 
  3. Work with Organizing and Coalition Building Committee to implement popular education and organizing strategies to achieve community controlled development, living wage jobs, local hiring policies, and worker cooperatives in Washington, DC.
  4. Research and Develop a Black Worker’s Center to focus on structural unemployment, employment issues for African American workers/unemployed and other people of color, and to develop economic alternatives such as worker cooperatives that support workplace democracy and living wages. Manage the Center’s Steering Committee and Advisory Board.
  5. Develop an analysis of, reflection on, and action about workforce development challenges connected with ONE DC’s recent efforts to work with the city and the new Marriott Hotel at the Convention Center to have 500 DC residents employed at the new hotel.
  6. Build coalitions with partner organizations to achieve citywide employment policy goals through the People’s Platform
  7. Conduct 15-25 hours of outreach, leader visits, etc. per week with Right to Income members and recruits.
  8. Assist in mentoring Right to Income members and ONE DC organizing apprentices.
  9. Secure media coverage of ONE DC organizing work.
  10. Assist in the planning and implementation of ONE DC organizational events.
  11. Perform organizing campaign-related administrative tasks as needed and appropriate to sustaining the organization.
  12. Attend regular staff meetings, Shared Leadership Team meetings, and other campaign-related sessions, etc.
  13. Report directly to Resource Organizer; in addition, ONE DC’s Personnel Committee will conduct evaluation and exit interviews.


Minimum Requirements:

  1. Several years of demonstrated direct organizing/base building experience;
  2. Strong computer and internet skills;
  3. Ability to build unity and motivate others to action;
  4. Good communication skills, written, verbal, and interpersonal; and
  5. Self-motivated and skilled at working as part of a team.


Additional Qualifications:

  1. Must be a resident in the DMV area, DC residents are strongly encouraged to apply and given strong preference;
  2. Must be willing to commit to at least a 2 years involvement in ONE DC;
  3. Knowledge of Washington, DC issues and organizations;
  4. Learn about and commit to ONE DC’s organizing model;
  5. Willingness and ability to work with diverse community residents, particularly low-income residents, to address barriers to developing their strength as a community;
  6. Spanish, Amharic, or Chinese language proficiency preferred;
  7. Strong research skills;
  8. Eye for detail;
  9. Flexible hours, including a willingness to work evenings and weekends;
  10. Creativity and sense of humor;
  11. A desire to deepen political analysis and learn about the history of social movements;
  12. A reflexive professional practice and active commitment to self-critique;
  13. Willingness to engage in honest, though constructive, mindful, and compassionate reciprocal critique of work with teams and other staff.


ONE DC offers a generous salary and benefits package. ONE DC is strongly committed to staff development and training. This is an opportunity for an individual to build meaningful relationships with grassroots communities and to be a part of real, concrete social change. People of color, women, LGBTQ and bilingual applicants are strongly encouraged to apply.


To Apply:


Please submit resume and cover letter (including salary expectations) electronically to Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.


About ONE DC:

ONE DC (formerly Manna CDC) was founded in 1997 in the midst of rapid neighborhood change. Our work centers on popular education, community organizing, and alternative economic development projects. Stemming from a deep analysis of race, class, gender, and power, our approach to community development addresses the structural causes of poverty and injustice in Shaw and throughout the District.

Moving beyond service provision, ONE DC builds the political capacity of low-income people of color in order to create and preserve racial and economic equity in the district. Our grassroots leadership development draws deeply on the principles and achievements of Ella Baker and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC). We seek to learn from and build upon this history and that of people-led movements for justice and human rights throughout the world.


About the Right to Income Campaign:

ONE DC's Right to Income campaign supports longtime DC residents struggling for living wages, decent working conditions, and for DC to enforce and uphold the local hiring laws. We work against displacement of longtime DC residents of color. We conduct listening sessions with DC residents to let their concerns be heard. We use popular education to inform and organize workers and the unemployed about and around their concerns. Through direct action and a slew of other organizing strategies, we demand and work to ensure that jobs stay in DC, are offered to longtime local residents of color, pay living wages with benefits, and that the city put resources into supporting workers, the longtime unemployed, and the development of worker cooperatives and worker ownership. Our citywide People’s Platform advocates for policy initiatives and legislation that will create and support good jobs in DC and end the displacement of longtime residents in an increasingly inequitable city.

Organizationally, ONE DC has formally implemented a non-hierarchical, shared leadership structure that recognizes, supports and encourages the abilities and contributions of its board, members, and staff. In addition, ONE DC desires applicants who are self-starters and motivated to perform at high levels and can meet strict deadlines.