ONE DC Monthly Voice - November 2016

"The Fourth Way will harness the power and strategic location of indigenous people, exploiting pressure points beyond the workplace to oppose and transform unjust, unequal, and undemocratic systems." -Julian Brave Noisecat

Mapping Our Radical Atlas: Introducing the 2015 People's Progress Report

Washington, DC is one of the most rapidly gentrifying cities in the country. But this is only the latest flare of violent, economically driven displacement in the area. The Piscataway, the Anacostank (who resided in the area now known as Anacostia), the Pamunkey, the Mattapanient, the Nangemeick, and the Tauxehent were all brutally forced from the region. And more: the names are not complete, the stories are not complete, and the maps are not complete.

So it feels all the more apt to transform the People’s Progress Report into a gesture of counter-mapping—to fill in maps and to fill in the gaps. Counter-mapping, also known as counter-hegemonic cartography, radical cartography, and mapping-back, originated as an indigenous resistance practice to contest colonialist claims to land. It’s about story and sovereignty. It’s about spatial justice. No map is neutral. And this radical atlas, far from exhaustive, does not claim to be. We’re unapologetic about mapping toward a more equitable District and mapping back against the “official” maps that erase and displace longtime Black residents of DC and all people who are “mapped out” of DC’s local history.

In 2015 we went on learning journeys, self-study tours, and trainings to build our knowledge and to chart out new plans and strategies for subversive cartography­—mapping back to reinvigorate ourselves and mapping forward to reclaim our city. In order to reclaim DC, we must acknowledge that we are losing Black homelands and Black landscapes. The whitewashing of DC is real and it is formidable. That’s why our organizing work—through the People’s Platform, Black Workers Center, and Right to Housing—is key to building a powerful base of longtime DC residents, to naming the terrain of renewed power and resistance.

And yes, we are hopeful. ONE DC supporters are showing up in our organizing geography: Justice First, API Resistance, Black Lives Matter DC, BYP100, DC Showing Up for Racial Justice, and the Neighborhood Solidarity Network. So let’s “map in” our struggle for freedom! As freedom fighter and former political prisoner Angela Y. Davis wrote in her book, Freedom Is A Constant Struggle, “Our histories never unfold in isolation. We have to talk about systemic change. We can’t be content with individual actions.” Everyday we organize we add a page to the DC radical atlas. Join this movement of cartographers of organized resistance!

Click here to download & study the 2015 People's Progress Report: "Radical Atlas"


We Dance About Life

IMG_0873.JPG IMG_0976.JPG
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Photo Credit: O. Michael Leslie, Esmeralda Huerta

Click here to view more photos from our latest fundraising event -- a special ONE DC showing of Dance Place's What's Going On? Life, Love, & Social Justice. Thanks to your support, we are closer to our goal of raising $1.3 million over 2 years to support the opening of the Black Workers Center and #Another10Years of resident-led organizing for racial & economic equity in DC! Click here to donate.

Thank you again to our sponsors and to all those who bought tickets, donated, & volunteered!

We Appreciate You.

Member Appreciation is our end-of-year event to celebrate the wins, actions, and accomplishments of our members, donors, supporters, volunteers, but you don't have to be a member to attend! This is the perfect event to learn more about ONE DC and how you can get involved, while enjoying good food, music, & company. All ages are welcome.
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Delicious food served by Organic Soul Live! (Contact Elijah Joy at for more info)

Featuring a performance by Baltimore-based Revolutionary Hip Hop Artist Son of Nun

Transportation Info:
Metro- Green Line to Congress Heights Metro Station
Bus- A2, A6, A7, A8, A4, W2, W3 (Stop: MLK Ave. SE)
Parking available onsite. Click here for driving directions.

Volunteer roles needed:

  • Arrive at 2:15 PM to help set up
  • Childcare
  • Work with caterer to monitor & stock food/beverages
  • Stay until 7:00 PM to help clean & pack up

We need help offsetting the costs of space, food, supplies & honorariums for our favorite end-of-the-year event celebrating our members, donors, volunteers, & supporters.

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Housing is a Human Right

By Mary Walrath, StreetSense


Is housing a universal human right? This is the question that community members gathered to discuss in a town-hall style meeting at the Church of the Epiphany on October 28. The Focus Attitude and Commitment to Excellence (FACE) group of Street Sense vendors, along with the People for Fairness Coalition (PFFC), convened to form a panel and deliberate, with an audience of housed and unhoused individuals, on issues of housing, poverty and homelessness.

Robert Warren, the executive director of the People for Fairness Coalition, Sheila White, member of FACE and PFFC, Dominic Moulden of ONE DC, William Merrifield of Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless, Schyla Pondexter-Moore from Empower DC and Jane Zara, a public interest lawyer, came together on a panel moderated by Patty Mullahy Fugere of the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless.

Click here to read the full article on StreetSense

Click here to view photos from the event

Nathan Cummings Foundation Fellowship

The Nathan Cummings Foundation Fellowship supports visionary leaders by giving them boundless space to turn an inspired idea in the field of social justice into a world-changing reality. The Fellowship awards three individuals up to $150,000 each to pursue an innovative project that seeks to address a challenge related to climate change or inequality – or within the intersection of these two major issues. An NCF Fellowship must align with at least one of the Foundation’s core focus areas: Inclusive Clean Economy; Racial and Economic Justice; Corporate and Political Accountability; and Voice, Creativity and Culture. The Nathan Cummings Foundation is currently accepting applications for the 2017 Fellowship until December 12.

Click here for more info and to apply


Upcoming Events

DC Labor Chorus presents An Evening of Favorite and Sacred Songs
Saturday, December 3rd - 7:30 PM
ATU Tommy Douglas Conference Center - 10000 New Hampshire Ave, Silver Spring MD

Fund the Resistance! End of Year Party for Many Languages, One Voice
Saturday, December 3rd - 6:30 PM - 10:30 PM
Boss Bistro & Lounge - 2463 18th St NW
Join MLOV for a review of our year's work and organizing highlights, hear from our powerful immigrant members, recommit yourselves to being warriors, bask in each other's fierce presence, and of course...enjoy great music and food!
Click here to RSVP & for more info

Monthly Black Workers Center Meeting

Thursday, December 15 - 6:00 PM
United Black Fund - 2500 MLK Jr Ave SE
ONE DC's Black Workers Center (BWC), is a member-led space that builds racial and economic justice through popular education, direct action and worker-owned alternatives.
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ONE Bit of Good News

Thank you to Black Benefactors for hosting a house party fundraiser & community dialogue in honor of ONE DC's 10th Anniversary! We appreciate your support and the opportunity to engage in conversation & reflection on organizing for racial & economic justice in DC.


To host your own house party fundraiser for ONE DC, contact Dominic at or call 202.232.2915.

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