ONE DC Monthly Voice - May 2017

  "It takes the courage of fortitude and persistence to practice alternative economics – it takes deliberate action and re-education, both which could also be difficult." -Dr. Jessica Gordon Nembhard, interview on Black co-ops


An important pathway to systemic progressive change connects efforts to change dominant narratives with vibrant policy and workplace justice campaigns and the building of powerful member-driven organizations. The National Black Worker Center Project’s (NBWCP) signature national campaign will be its Working While Black initiative.  This initiative will change the narrative about the causes of the Black job crisis and the solutions to this crisis by projecting a nuanced view of the nature of Black worker lives: the challenges they face and how to address these challenges through individual efforts and collective action.  These stories will emerge from Black workers and the campaigns of local Black worker centers; simultaneously, these stories will enhance the capacity of affiliates to win local fights. The ONE DC Black Workers Center is an affiliate with the NBWCP.

Read the latest story on the ONE DC Black Workers Center featured in PolicyLink

Wouldn’t it be powerful for the ONE DC Black Workers Center to have its own home? We are exploring the possibility of purchasing a building in Southeast DC. Stay tuned!

Join the People's Congress of Resistance

The United States Congress does not represent the people who live and work in the United States. Given the threat posed by the Trump regime, the people must take matters into our own hands, together, and claim the power we already have.

The People demand a new Congress, a fighting Congress of the working class of all racial and ethnic backgrounds, genders and ages. We must create a Congress of communities under attack by the reactionary Trump agenda and fighting back against it, a Congress of the grassroots and the working class, of resisters, organizers, and activists, of everyone who recognizes we can no longer continue as we have. Such a People’s Congress will confront the Congress of the millionaires. It will galvanize the energy of the many groups resisting Trump. It will demonstrate that this is what democracy looks like.


In the face of the assault waged against working class and poor communities and the environment by the Trump Administration a grassroots People’s Congress of Resistance will convene in Washington, D.C. on September 16 and 17, 2017.

The People's Congress of Resistance launched in May with a livestream event featuring activists & conveners from around the country, including ONE DC organizer Yasmina Mrabet. Watch video from the launch event here.

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Coalition Updates

Put A Price On It D.C. - Carbon Rebate Coalition

This month ONE DC joined with local faith leaders, economic justice advocates, labor organizers, environmentalists, and others gathered on the front steps of D.C.’s city hall to unveil a dynamic “carbon fee and rebate” plan to reduce global warming pollution in D.C. The plan would charge polluters for their carbon emissions and rebate the overwhelming majority of the revenue back to every resident of the District.

The groundbreaking plan, released in the wake of April’s massive Peoples Climate March in D.C., outlines how the District of Columbia can reduce carbon pollution in the city while increasing employment. The plan will also boost incomes in the District through a universal “carbon rebate” paid to every resident on a quarterly basis, including an enhanced rebate to low-income District residents. The plan would also make investments in green infrastructure throughout the city. Finally, the plan proposes using a small share of the carbon revenue to create a tax credit for local businesses.

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Save Our System Coalition: FIX IT, FUND IT, MAKE IT FAIR
Thursday, June 29th - 5:30 PM
For our June People's Platform meeting, we will take action with the Save our System Coalition to fight for a more equitable transit system in DC. Additional details TBA!

Black Workers Center Chorus Performs at LEDC Tenant Town Hall


Together, Sheila White, Luci Murphy, Angie Whitehurst, and Terri Acker led the crowd inside in singing "We Ain't Gonna Move" and "No Nos Moveran/We Shall Not Be Moved."

Reflections on Training with the Center for Third World Organizing

By Jourgette Reid-Sillah

On May 19-21, I attended the Community Action Training led by the Center for Third World Organizing (CTWO). Friday evening was an introduction/ icebreaker session with an overview of the organization and its mission and the overall objectives of training. Throughout the training, understanding the concept of said objectives were achieved by role play. The groups were often split into teams and acted out actual actions that had taken place in the past. This allowed us to learn the nuances that went into the planning and execution of actions of the past. It also allowed us to note the challenges and how to tweak them to make them better. {Note: I have been involved in actions in the past but this training allows me to understand the pre-action planning that went into it.}

Both Karissa and Avery from CTWO brought a wealth of knowledge and front line experience to the training. By them interjecting their experiences into the training, it gave the lectures life. The role play allowed for critical thinking and analysis. Those within the groups that had more experience guided those of us who were less knowledgeable. It was a good balance. I also again had the opportunity to see that Black and Brown people are indeed putting themselves on the line for social justice. This was most evident at the Barry Farm outreach.

I wish to thank ONE DC for the opportunity to enhance my understanding of the disenfranchisement of Black and Brown people. It also allows me to think about what role I can play in this struggle for social change. Also please note that Nawal was a jewel and looked out for me this weekend. {She does not know that once I ride in the front seat of your car you are stuck with me for life.}This weekend has been a positive experience for me. I will have a more in-depth analysis on a personal level once I review my notes and receive PowerPoint from Avery. I am excited about what this knowledge will mean in regards to my community and how I will use it to enhance the lives of the residents at Richman Apartments.

Celebrate Juneteenth with ONE DC



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Upcoming Events


Resourcing Our Resistance, Nurturing Our Connections: A DC TimeBank Movement Makers Fair
Saturday June 3rd - 12:00 - 3:30 PM
Crispus Attucks Park - 23 U St NW
DC, let’s exchange resources to build resistance! Join the DC Time Bank and local changemakers for a day in the park at the second Movement Makers Fair. The Movement Makers Fair will be a place to share and develop skills for resistance, self-determination, inspiration, and healing. Stay tuned for the full schedule of skillshares such as grassroots fundraising, digital security, urban farming, timebanking, and yoga. We’ve seen that movements are built on people power, reconciliation, and love for one’s community.
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Juneteenth: Fighting for Black Liberation Then & Now
Saturday, June 3rd - 4:30 PM
Justice Center - 617 Florida Ave NW
Featuring a panel of Organizers: Eugene Puryear, Author of "Shackled and Chained: Mass Incarceration in Capitalist America"; Yasmina Mrabet, ONE DC Organizer with Brookland Manor Tenants; Sean Blackmon, Organizer with Stop Police Terror Project DC. Juneteenth commemorates the announcement of General Order Number 3, read by Union General Gordon Granger in Union-occupied Galveston Island, Texas, on June 19, 1865, declaring the total emancipation of all the slaves—two and a half years after the original declaration by Abraham Lincoln. The 250,000 slaves in Texas at the time, shocked by the delayed news, rejoiced and left the plantations en masse. The Party for Socialism and Liberation will honor Juneteenth anniversary by holding this special panel discussion. Join this forum to get involved in the fight against racism! Plus: Update on plans for the People’s Congress of Resistance, a new fighting Congress from the ground up of resisters and all the communities under attack convening Sept. 16-17 at Howard University.
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Community Announcements

DC Research Collective: Need research to support progressive efforts?
Serving as mutual aid-based, collective resource for the social justice community in the DC-metro area, this collective of volunteer researchers can support progressive efforts with research and data analysis.
Learn more, submit a research request, or join the Collective here.

Building Tactics for a Successful Campaign
Wednesday, June 6th - 5:30 - 8:30 PM
AFL-CIO Gompers Room - 815 16th St NW
Do you need to put pressure on someone who can give you what you want? Is your organization up against a CEO or corporation that is putting profit OVER people? Are you tired of rallying and are you looking for new fun tactics you can do?Taking action is the lifeblood of good organizing. This training will help you and your members build skills on how to take action toward campaign victories. We encourage groups of people who are working together to attend, so that they can strategize about their campaign in a small group setting. This training is hosted by DC Jobs With Justice, ATU Local 689, DC Democratic Socialists of America, Metro Washington Council, AFL-CIO, and the Washington Teachers Union.


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ONE Bit of Good News


Derek Hyra (associate professor in the Department of Public Administration and Policy at American University and author of Race, Class, and Politics in the Cappuccino City) and Dominic Moulden (ONE DC Resource Organizer) speaking at DC Ideas Fest
about the innovative Making the Just City project that brings together researchers and community organizers in neighborhoods facing displacement in DC to understand and produce community-level responses, such as affordable housing and strong social networks, to reduce health disparities.
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