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June 2016 - ONE DC Newsletter


"This award; this is not for me, this is for the real organizers all over the country - the activists, the civil rights attorneys, the struggling parents, the families, the students that are realizing that a system built to divide and impoverish and destroy us cannot stand if we do. It's kind of basic mathematics: the more we learn about who we are and how we got here, the more we will mobilize." -- Jesse Williams

ONE DC's Juneteenth 10th Anniversary Celebration

On Juneteenth Weekend, ONE DC celebrated 10 years of fighting for equity in the District!


Thanks to the support of our extended community, this event was a glowing success.


First, we learned and coordinated with vendors in our marketplace.


Then, we discussed community organizing in DC with Angela Davis and Barbara Ransby.


We heard moving testimonies by some of our members.


Finally, we celebrated our DC with music,




and togetherness.


We at ONE DC cannot express how grateful we are for the honor of ten years of working with DC residents. Through our triumphs and our trials, we always come out on top because we have the support of a community who believes in our work. From the bottom of our heart, to our members, our volunteers, our supporters, our sponsors....



Kick-Off to ONE DC's Capital Campaign!!

ONE DC's 10th Anniversary Juneteenth celebration served as the kick-off for a major capital fundraising campaign to raise over $1 million to fund the opening of ONE DC Black Workers Center, as well as to fund #Another10Years of organizing for our human rights to housing, income, & wellness in DC.

Our organizational shero Ella Jo Baker once said, “We who believe in Freedom cannot rest." For us at ONE DC, the type of freedom we are fighting for won’t be granted by the system today. No, the freedom we need today will not be given. It must be won through political struggle.

For the last 10 years, ONE DC has been in the political struggle for freedom and justice. ONE DC has been fighting for a more just DC—a DC truly governed by the people, not corporations or the wealthy. We want justice! It’s a justice that requires housing for every person, not just those who can afford it. We must have decent and dignified and unionized work for everyone who wants it! We want a city that values people over profit—that allows us, the working-class, to democratically decide what we need in our communities. We need education that does not mentally enslave us to the inequitable systems of our day. We need free and universal education that nurtures political thinkers and leaders. We demand an end to a criminal injustice system that tears apart our families, locks up our sisters and brothers, and frees the police officers who shoot our children with impunity! And lastly, we demand self-determination, which means we must control the land and social institutions meant to rear our children and guide our work.

At ONE DC, we believe that in order to order to fulfill our mission of organizing for racial & economic equity and justice, we need to be funded by our base. That means people just like you. Because if you believe in freedom—if you believe we still have to march towards a better form of justice in the District, then you want to organize with ONE DC. We ask that if you are moved to join ONE DC’s freedom and justice struggle, then please donate today. If you want to give a dollar or a thousand—no amount is too small. We appreciate you and we need you in ONE DC’s freedom movement…because we who believe in freedom cannot rest!

If you would like to donate, click here.

Black Workers Center ApprenticeShift

Join the ONE DC Black Workers Center ApprenticeShift Campaign!!

For the last several months we've come together at ONE DC's Black Workers Center to create a transformative organizing campaign aimed at creating jobs and shifting the way workforce development is done in the city. For too long the District government has invested millions in jobs training programs that don't create jobs. According to the Economic Policy Institute, the Black unemployment rate in DC is 13.6% - the highest in the country.

History has taught us that the only way to change these dire statistics is to organize. In 2014, ONE DC members organized and successfully got 178 workers hired at the Marriott Marquis Hotel on Massachusetts Avenue NW. We did it before and we can do it again. Join us for our next meeting Thursday, July 21 to learn how to get involved with the ApprenticeShift campaign. We demand that the city shift from a failed jobs training model and expand opportunities for paid apprenticeships (on the job training). We'll discuss the campaign plan and timeline, outreach, and specific ways you can get involved.

Thursday, July 21 - 6PM
United Black Fund - 2500 MLK Jr Ave SE
Click here to RSVP for the next meeting

Tenants Report Lockdown Situation in Northeast DC


"Imagine your granddaughter, age seven, is playing on the grass in front of your apartment building with a group of kids that live in your complex. You and several neighbors are watching over them. A security guard approaches and demands that you get off the grass and go on the sidewalk that lines the edges of Brentwood Road, a bustling four-lane street. This is the first time you’ve heard of this rule. Kids used to be able to play where they wanted. These new, ever-changing rules seem to be an element of the redevelopment initiative, the same initiative which is also transferring families around.

This is what Neeka Sullivan, a nine-year Brookland Manor resident, said she experienced in early May. Brookland Manor is an affordable housing complex in Northeast DC that is set to be demolished and renovated starting in 2017. Residents said they have experienced an uptick in numbers of violations and infractions given for activities like children playing on the grass or residents sitting on their front porches. 'The kids don’t have nowhere to play no more. All they have is the steps, the rails, and the trash thing,' Sullivan said, referring to a dumpster that she tries to keep the children away from."

ONE DC member Tiffany Joslin reports on the increasing mistreatment of the residents of Brookland Manor, one of the largest affordable housing complexes in the District. Brookland Manor is unique amongst affordable housing complexes because it contains a large number of multiple bedroom units, which make the complex home to many families. Despite this, Brookland Manor is slated for redevelopment - so often a code word for displacement and gentrification - and residents, their tenants association, ONE DC, and the Washington Lawyers Committee are fighting for Brookland Manor's future. Amidst this tension, security harassment and mistreatment have increased, contributing to the sentiment residents are receiving from management. All this difficulty and mistreatment sends a clear message: Brookland Manor residents are no longer welcome, and management will do what it can to make residents want to leave.

Residents are angry, and they are ready to fight. They are organizing with ONE DC and the Washington Lawyers Committee to demand a one to one replacement of units based on size and number. They are meeting with lawyers, they are not moving out - and they are not afraid.


To read all of Joslin's enlightening report, click here.

ONE DC Member Testimony: Virginia Lee

My fellow ONE DCers,

Those are strong who recognize that HOPE is not a strategy.  Many of you are credentialed to pursue other walks of life but remain committed to the vision of ONE DC. I have always found admirable the level of full participation you give to this mission every day in so many ways. You fearlessly bring your best game to the pursuits of ONE DC's overarching goal of social justice for all of our community.

Over the past 10 years you have given yourself up to learning daily about your gifts and your shortcomings in doing this vitally important work. The work you do encompasses an intrinsic respect for everyone's contribution. Through meaningful dialogue and authentic justice making action you make clear what your audience needs to know. You also maintain a keen awareness for how these actions will impact our community.

It has been my good fortune to share a portion of your journey. You have always inspired me with your ability to pull the proverbial rabbit out of the hat, when it comes to funding, and for having an energy level that could quite easily power an energy company. You have such a wonderful story to tell about managing an ever-changing landscape as a non-profit organization. This celebration is living proof of what happens when you have a vision that continues to attract others to the cause. After 10 hard fought years you are the most deserving of CELEBRATION.

Now stand for your APPLAUSE!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

My warmest regards,
Virginia C Lee

Looking to Live in a Housing Cooperative?

The housing co-op of 1417 N Street NW is currently offering affordable studio living spaces with a variety of features. By owning a share in this co-op, you can have affordable long-term housing while managing your building.

Centrally located in Logan Circle, amenities include HVAC, remodeled bathrooms, a laundry room, bike storage, and more. Units available include the small studio (225 square feet) and the studio (330 square feet); respectively valued at approximately $950/month and $1,144/month. Costs cover maintenance, insurance, water, and payments to the co-op blanket mortgages. Resident pays electric & gas.

To qualify for the apartment, you must undergo credit and background checks, demonstrate an interest in co-op participation, and have income between the minimum and maximum values. For more information, contact Hernan Sotomarino at 202.630.1417 Se habla español.

Click here for more information

The Pleasant Park Cooperative is Looking for New Members!

The Pleasant Park Cooperative is a 60 unit Affordable Housing Community located near 63rd St NE and Eastern Ave NE . There are currently 2-bedroom newly renovated town-homes available starting July 1st. The homes feature: open kitchens with breakfast bar, in unit laundry machine, rear and front porches, in unit heating and cooling systems. Resident ONLY pays electric. 

This Cooperative is right across from the Capitol Heights Metro. Its location also offers close proximity to the Marvin Gaye park, and easy access to Downtown DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Applications can be picked up at the management office, EJF Real Estate 1428 U Street NW, 2nd Floor. There is a $40 fee for each application. The application requires a background and credit check.

For more information on membership and income qualification, click here.


Upcoming Events

Black Workers Center Meeting
Thursday, July 21 - 6PM
United Black Fund - 2500 MLK Jr Ave SE
Click here to RSVP for the next meeting

ONE Bit of Good News - Punk Rock for the people with Positive Force DC

Positive Force, an activist collective of musicians and artists in DC, held a benefit show on June 3rd to raise funds for ONE DC. The event showcased Positive Force members' immense talent and their dedication to justice for all DC residents. ONE DC would like to extend a huge thank you to Positive Force for helping to raise over $200 for the fight for equity in the District!! Check out their work on their website or follow them @positiveforcedc on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.