ONE DC Monthly Voice - August 2017


“Black August is a month of divine meaning, of repression and radical resistance, of injustice and divine justice; of repression and righteous rebellion; of individual and collective efforts to free the slaves and break the chains that bind us.”
-Mumia Abu-Jamal

Win Congress Heights Now!

Tenants at Congress Heights have been fighting slumlord Sanford Capital, who has been working with the Mayor’s office and city planning agencies to displace tenants, eliminate affordable housing, and build luxury apartments at Congress Heights. Because tenants have been fighting to exercise their rights, they have not yet been displaced. In fact, they have found a non-profit developer they can work with to build 200 units of affordable housing INSTEAD of the luxury apartments that the city and slumlord Sanford Capital wanted. The only barrier standing between tenants and 200 new units of affordable housing is a vacant building at 3200 13th St SE, which is at the corner of their property and is currently under control of the DC government.

On September 6th at 10:00 AM, join tenants for a press conference and rally outside of the Wilson Building to demand Mayor Bowser turn the 3200 property over to the residents!

At the community forum led by residents this Tuesday, Ms Ruth Barnwell, president of the Congress Heights Tenants Association, had this to say: "Hell no, we won’t go. You will continue to hear our voices and feel our fury and strength until you do as you promised the people when you were asking for our votes – to give affordable housing to the people. You will be gone before we will. We demand Mayor Bowser give the residents 3200 13th Street SE so we can create affordable housing for our community.”  Watch what two Congress Heights residents, Ms. Ruth Barnwell and Ms. Gloria Ward, had to say here and here.

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Link Up for Black August

By Angie Whitehurst, ONE DC member

For our monthly People's Platform political education event, ONE DC held "Link Up for Black August" at the Woolly Mammoth Theatre. Black August is a month of commemoration of the death of George Jackson on August 21st, 1971. The day is remembered to encourage social justice versus injustice throughout society.

Speakers and participants included Mia Clark, Eugene Puryear, Delonte Wilkins, Yasmina Mrabet, and Dominic Moulden; all of whom spoke passionately on the needs to change housing injustices, restorative programs for those incarcerated, and the Black Workers Center mandate to create a space where people can find "real jobs."

Raven Best and Reverend Erik Martinez Resley of The Sanctuaries, with a young team of printmakers, produced Black August posters on site as giveaways to attendees. Pop-up shops included EAT, The Difference Boutique, Cockee Clothing, and the Young Queen Project selling hats and shirts. Local caterer Peggy's Gourmet & Reek the Chef provided excellent food. Sounds were brought by DJ Say Say, with performances by Loony Goonz, King Shug, Supa Trippa, G.R.O.S.S. LIFE, & Visto of Hippe Life Krew.  Other organizations present were Our City DC, SURJ DC and organizers with the People's Congress of Resistance.

Also present were members of the cast from the upcoming production entitled, " The Arsonist," a play about the challenges of liberal politics some fifty years ago. The story sounds very similar to our current day events. ONE DC members and supporters are eligible for discount tickets to the performance on October 7th (more info below).



Photo Credit: O. Michael Leslie

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Sunkissed Sundown featuring Talib Kweli: A Benefit Concert for ONE DC

TK_SKSD_final.pngFund the movement while you move at the Sunkissed Sundown benefit concert this Friday September 1st at the Howard Theatre! Featuring Talib Kweli with Jessica Care Moore, Alex Vaughn, Afrah Ali, Odd Mojo and Kinfolk. Proceeds go to ONE DC, Energy Justice Network, & Restaurant Opportunities Center DC.

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Build the People's Congress of Resistance

"Without a revolutionary vision, change will not take a revolutionary direction. Resistance will remain rudderless, an exercise in activism for its own sake, or it will be co-opted into a vessel for the political elites. A vision for social, economic and political revolution is necessary. We need to know where we want to go. Our vision ties our actions to our goal by showing us what we are mobilizing for. It guides us in coordinating our strategies and tactics. It helps us build collective strength. Our vision tells us how we can win and that we will win.

A society organized for the equality and emancipation of the many is one where production is democratically directed for the benefit of the many and not for the private profit of the few. Rather than banks and corporations determining people’s lives and futures, the people determine their destiny themselves." -Manifesto of the People's Congress of Resistance

Join volunteers and organizers with the People's Congress of Resistance this Saturday for a day of citywide outreach! Teams will come to the Justice Center at 617 Florida Ave NW at Saturday, 12 noon and go out to build awareness about the inaugural People's Congress taking place Sept. 16-17 at Howard University.

The events of the past month demonstrate vividly the need for a true political revolution that replaces the power of the billionaires, war-makers, corrupt politicians and white supremacists with the power of the people. In Charlottesville, VA, white supremacists and fascists marched against the Black community, and armed forces of the state stood idly by as they violently attacked. In Texas, the government offered no significant evacuation plan — just a directive — for the millions of poor and working people prior to Hurricane Harvey, and now hundreds of thousands are in a dire state. Meanwhile, here in D.C. politicians that campaign on "affordable housing" immediately become the handmaidens for racist displacement.

While Trump and the U.S. Congress attack the people from every angle, the People’s Congress of Resistance will be a place where organizers of diverse struggles come together to provide a unified vision and coordinated strategies and tactics to fight back. Everyone in D.C. needs to hear about this historic event. Help us spread the word!

Click here to register for the conference September 16th-17th. If you cannot afford your registration fee and would like to attend for free as a ONE DC member, please contact Claire at or 202.232.2915.

$100 from 10,000 Supporters to Fund the Black Workers Center

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Upcoming Events


Anti-Gentrification Housing Struggles in Los Angeles & Berlin
Thursday, August 31 - 6:00 PM
The Potter's House - 1658 Columbia Rd NW
Minority and immigrant communities and their mobilizations play a pivotal role challenging the ongoing nationalist political shifts right in the United States and Germany, which have been propagating xenophobia, racism, and economic, political, and social isolationism. In this historic configuration, housing serves as a central site of struggle, as a fundamental human right.
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¡Un canto por la Paz en Venezuela! A song for peace in Venezuela
Thursday, August 31 - 6:30 PM
Bolivarian Hall - 2443 Massachusetts Ave NW
Join us for an evening of live music, poetry and conversation about the situation in Venezuela, its Constitutional Assembly and the opportunities for peace in the country. Featuring César Guarcax, Xavier Bure, Patricio Zamorano, Ricardo Gallardo, Luci Murphy & the ONE DC Black Workers Center Chorus!
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ONE DC Member & Volunteer Orientation
Wednesday, September 6 - 6:00 PM
New Community Church - 614 S St NW
We welcome all supporters of ONE DC, whether long-time members or new volunteers, to join us for our next Member Orientation to learn about the history & structure of ONE DC, our mission, vision, & values, and find out how you can engage in our work.
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Pack The Room: WMATA Board Meeting
Thursday, September 28 - 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Washington Area Metropolitan Transit Authority - 600 5th St NW
With the next WMATA budget season looming, riders are worried that the system will keep getting worse. Join us at WMATA's August Board Meeting to demand that the WMATA Board holds a public meeting for community dialogue on the next budget at a time that is most convenient for riders. The WMATA Board meetings once a month and while they do allow for public testimony, the meetings are not accessible since they take place on Thursday mornings while many riders are at work.
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March for Racial Justice
Saturday, September 30 - 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
National Mall
Our mission is to harness the national unrest and dissatisfaction with racial injustice into a national mobilization that strengthens local and nationwide efforts for racial equity and justice. We are mobilizing a coalition of organizations, groups and individuals to stand together for racial justice on September 30 in Washington, DC. We invite you to stand with us. Our vision is simple: to create a just and equitable future for communities of color, so that we may all thrive together.
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Saturday, October 7 - 9AM - 12 PM
Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company - 641 D St NW
Join us after the October 7th performance of The Arsonists for a community conversation with ONE DC organizer Yasmina Mrabet. Use code "ONEDC" to purchase discounted tickets to the show!
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ONE Bit of Good News

Our membership goal for 2017 is to reach 500 total members and 200 paid members. We are excited to report we are 75% to our goal with 149 amazing members having paid their dues this year, bringing our total membership to 398!
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