ONE DC Monthly Voice - April 2017

La shukran ala wajib // No need to thank me because it is a duty

-Arabic expression shared by ONE DC Member Sara Swetzoff

Just because you can't do what everyone else does, doesn't mean your life stops


This month we celebrate the leadership of a ONE DC member, Angie Whitehurst. A survivor of a rare form of cerebral malaria, Angie reminds us that we each have unique talents that we can mobilize to serve our community. As a leader in ONE DC's Black Workers Center Chorus, member of the Administrative committee, and a long-time DC resident, Angie is an example of grace-filled resilience and hope.

While working in international development abroad, Angie contracted a rare form of malaria. Her recovery required her to cut down her work hours and slow her lifestyle. She then supplemented her work with volunteering and organizing. In Angie’s words, "just because you can't do what everyone else does, doesn't mean your life stops. Doesn't mean your brain stops."

When Angie was a young woman living with her family in NW DC, her family’s neighborhood was claimed by eminent domain. On the day President Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, she and her neighbors moved out of their homes. They built a new home in Petworth. Years later, when plans were forming to build the Metro in Petworth and demolish the homes in the space, Angie and her family organized to ensure their homes were preserved and they were included in the changes in Petworth.

Angie sees the same thing happening at Brookland Manor: development that is neither inclusive nor just. "I call it loopholes. The government doesn't say you have to move, but when people buy buildings just for speculation, flipping, without your participation... it's ethically and morally wrong."

That’s why Angie is a member and leader with ONE DC. She embodies resilience, and she raises all of our spirits with her songs and her stories.

Become a member of ONE DC and volunteer your energy, spirit, and leadership.  

We Don't Do Pacification Work. We Do Liberation Work.

And when you do the liberation work, you need to be funded by your base. ONE DC is raising $1.3 million to purchase & renovate a building to permanently house the first Black Workers Center in the District of Columbia. A community-controlled space is critical to building power through political education and leadership development with an emphasis on Black workers.

It is essential that ONE DC, a Black-led organization, operate from a liberated space East of the River, where unemployment rates are the highest in the city and where residents are vulnerable to a new wave of mass displacement and gentrification.

With a Black Workers Center space, ONE DC will be able to house equipment for time banking programs, host national and international visitors who want to learn about organizing in DC, and build a political movement to fight for control over housing, land, and labor.

IMG_2804.JPG IMG_2895.JPG IMG_2896.JPG

On April 22, a group of ONE DC members, local artists, activists, organizers, & community members, and hip-hop artist Talib Kweli convened at the Black Workers Center space in Anacostia to discuss grassroots organizing in DC. Watch the video here

With Tax Day behind us, please consider donating all or part of your refund toward our campaign! And don't forget to share on Facebook & Twitter!

Carry the Water: Represent ONE DC in Coalition Building and Outreach Efforts

Help ONE DC be a stronger coalition partner! Check out the below campaigns. If any interest you, you can become more involved by committing to attend coalition meetings, volunteer (and recruit other ONE DC members to volunteer) with campaign committees, and sharing updates with our larger membership. We will schedule a leader development orientation with anyone interested so you can learn more about what it means to represent ONE DC and build strong organizational partnerships.

Coalition Building

DC ReInvest
In solidarity with Standing Rock, we demand D.C. sever its ties with Wells Fargo and other banks funding the Dakota Access Pipeline. We seek to send a message to
the fossil fuel and finance industries: that there is a price to pay for investing in dirty infrastructure and human rights violations. We further demand that D.C. reinvest in justice and self-determination for our communities. D.C. must invest in efforts to end police brutality, pursue a just energy transition, protect communities under threat, and empower our communities. We will work with coalition partners and allies around the DMV area to shape our vision for D.C.’s future and bring our demands to the Mayor and City Council.
Click here to learn more

Put A Price On It D.C. - Carbon Rebate Coalition
The "Put a Price on It D.C." campaign was born from the shared understanding that only a rising price on pollution can be strong enough to close the gap. So, the coalition set out to pass the first progressive carbon fee in the nation, and fulfill D.C.’s goals of inclusive prosperity in a walkable, livable, sustainable city. On Friday, April 28th at 9:30am the coalition is planning a literature drop at all of the council members offices. RSVP to Jeremiah Lowery at if you can make it!
Click here to learn more

Save Our System Coalition: FIX IT, FUND IT, MAKE IT FAIR
Thursday April 27th - 2:00 - 4:00 PM
815 16th St NW - President's Room, 1st Floor
*All meeting participants will need an ID to enter building.
WMATA services are a vital economic lifeline for residents of DMV region, especially the most public transit dependent populations of low-income workers, persons with disabilities, senior citizens, and students.
Click here to learn more

DC Fair Elections
Make D.C. elected officials more accountable to D.C. residents. Give candidates a way to fund their campaigns by motivating supporters in the communities they serve, rather than high-dollar donors looking for a sweetheart deal in return. Provide a bullhorn to ensure the voices of everyday citizens are continually heard in the Wilson Building. Increase the range of choices by giving grassroots-oriented candidates a means to get their message out.
Click here to learn more


New Communities for Children Community Fair
Saturday, May 6th - 1:00 - 4:00 PM
614 S St NW - Back Parking Lot at ONE DC
We need: 2-4 members/supporters to table for ONE DC (distribute flyers, sign up interested people, spread the word!)

Resourcing Our Resistance, Nurturing Our Connections: A DC TimeBank Movement Makers Fair
Saturday May 6th -  12:00 - 3:30 PM

Crispus Attucks Park - 23 U St NW
DC, let’s exchange resources to build resistance! Join the DC Time Bank and local changemakers for a day in the park at the second Movement Makers Fair. The Movement Makers Fair will be a place to share and develop skills for resistance, self-determination, inspiration, and healing. Stay tuned for the full schedule of skillshares such as grassroots fundraising, digital security, urban farming, timebanking, and yoga. We’ve seen that movements are built on people power, reconciliation, and love for one’s community.
Click here to RSVP
We need 2-3 members/supporters to table for ONE DC (distribute flyers, sign up interested people, spread the word)
If you want to plan your own skill share or help with the event, email Caitlin at

Other Roles
Phone Banking Coordinators
Learn how to & take the lead:
-Create & split lists in our Nation Builder database
-Draft phone banking scripts
-Contact the phone banking team as needed
-Distribute lists to team, follow up, & help with data entry
Resource Development
-write grant proposals & reports
-plan small fundraisers
Member Development
-conduct 1-on-1s with new members & supporters to get them orientated to ONE DC

If you want to help "carry the water" and build leadership with ONE DC, email Claire at or call 202.232.2915.

ONE DC Week of Action!


People's Platform General Body Meeting
Thursday, April 27 - 6:00 PM
Petworth Library - 4200 Kansas Ave NW, Basement
April's meeting will center on People's Platform Principle #3: the right to health and wellness for people and the earth. We believe in a system designed to meet our human needs, not to exploit and profit. We will be joined by Empower DC, learn about the systemic issues facing our environment, and prepare for the People's Climate March on April 29th!
#WhyWeMarch: Check out this spoken word poem on environmental justice by Kenya Newsome and Nesha Ruther of Split This Rock 2015 DC Youth Slam
Click here to RSVP

People's Climate March: ONE DC Delegation
Saturday, April 29 - 11:00 AM
Meet Up at 4th St NW & Constitution Ave NW
We invite ALL members & supporters to join ONE DC for the People's Climate March under the banner of the People's Platform. We believe in the right to health and wellness for humans and the earth. We believe in a system designed to meet our human needs, not to exploit and profit. As we organize for racial & economy equity in DC, we demand housing justice, worker justice, and environmental justice! We join the People's Climate March to let the people's voices be heard loud and clear. Now more than ever we must stand together and fight against harmful climate policies! Wear your ONE DC t-shirt if you have one!
Click here to RSVP
Click here to share and invite friends on Facebook

DC On Strike!
Monday, May 1 - 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Lamont Park - Mount Pleasant
We invite you to rally with MLOV and members in a collective demonstration and celebration of unity in Mount Pleasant, after which we will march to the White House to join the regional rally. Let’s collectively demand the kind of city that we want as our home - we will not let the federal government define DC!
Click here to RSVP

May Day
Monday, May 1 - 12:00 - 3:00 PM
Malcolm X Park - 16th St NW
We march: To demand political power for working class; To smash, racism, sexism, and fascism; To stop mass deportations; To end mass incarceration; To oppose imperialist war; To defend the earth and its resources; To fight for health care, education, and living wages for all.
Click here to RSVP

**Please note the ONE DC office will be closed on May 1st for May Day**

Political Education - Thinker, Fighter Mumia Abu Jamal: 'A Life of Revolutionary Purpose'

April 24th was the 63rd birthday of Mumia Abu-Jamal, perhaps the most well known of the political prisoners currently being held in the United States. His lifetime of struggle, beginning with his membership in the Black Panther Party, has been an inspiration for generations of activists, and his case has been taken up by those seeking social justice across the world. But Mumia is far from the only political prisoner being held in US prisons today. On this episode of Loud & Clear, Brian Becker is joined by Ramona Africa, minister of communication for the MOVE organization, by activist and scholar Dr. Anthony Monteiro and by Noelle Hanrahan of Prison Radio.
Click here to listen & learn

Keep Up the Pressure! Pack the Hearing for Brookland Manor

bm_hearing1.JPG  bm_hearing_2.JPG 

We had a great turn-out at the hearing last night! The room was packed with residents and supporters for Brookland Manor.
Last night the Commission did not make a ruling. Instead, it pressed Mid-City Financial for answers on how multi-generational families will be housed in the redevelopment, with respect to seniors who wish to remain with their grandchildren and families who would end up broken up, as well as how families can qualify for 3 and 4 BR townhomes (available for homeownership). Chair of the Zoning Commission Anthony Hood also raised concerns about families with individuals with disabilities who should remain together.

This would not have happened without the leadership and resilience of Brookland Manor tenants and ONE DC members, and the widespread community support they have organized and inspired. It is critical that we continue to keep up public pressure on a system that puts the interests of profiteers before those of the people, and one that continues to develop by way of displacement. We expect the DC Zoning Commission to finally make a decision on Monday, May 22, and on that day, once again, we will come out in big numbers to demonstrate our continued solidarity with tenant-led struggles to save affordable and family housing in the District of Columbia, and our commitment to working class black communities under attack by private developers and city officials.

Click here to RSVP for the rally & hearing on May 22nd

Upcoming Events


Empower DC: FY 2018 DC Council Budget Hearing for the DC Housing Authority
Thursday, May 4th - Starting at 11:00 AM

Wilson Building - 1350 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Room 120
Barry Farm residents have been fighting for years now to preserve their homes and community. This year we are asking the city council to fund "redevelopment in place" for those who want to stay on the property so that they won't be moved around the city risking their ability to return once the redevelopment is complete.
Register to give testimony or come help pack the room and support those giving testimony! To register contact Oscar Montiel at 202-724-8198 or email
If you need help registering, developing your testimony, or with transportation please contact Daniel del Pielago at 202-234-9119 ext. 104 or

Grassroots Workshop on the Comprehensive Plan
Saturday, May 6th - 12:00 - 4:00 PM
Christ United Methodist Church - 900 4th Street SW
Join Empower DC and a broad coalition as we create amendments for DC's Comprehensive Plan. DC's Comprehensive Plan plays a major role in how our city develops. As the city moves to amend the plan this year, we need to be paying attention to what it says about our communities! Join us to learn more, and help shape/push for the inclusion of language that uplifts racial justice and protects communities from the harmful effects of gentrification and displacement! Don’t let developers and their friends control this process!
Click here to RSVP

Think Outside Festival - May 13th
Think Outside with Dance Place and Washington Parks & People in this full day of free outdoor events. Bring the whole family to Marvin Gaye Park & Riverside Center for music, dance and more!
More info at Washington Parks & People

Service to Justice Conference - May 11-14th
Service to Justice (S2J) is a collective of Washington, DC social service organizations, impacted community members, and supportive institutions who recognize that the social service industry perpetuates the current arrangement of power that maintains systemic poverty and structural racism.
Click here to register

Community Announcements

The Defending the Dream Fund - Deadline: May 3rd
In response to these challenging times, the Hill-Snowdon Foundation, in partnership with the General Service Foundation, launched the Defending the Dream Fund. The Defending the Dream Fund will make grants of up to $10,000 to support community organizing.
Click here for more info

Center for Third World Organizing (CTWO) - Community Action Training
Washington, DC – May 19-21
Starting in 1995, our Community Action Trainings (CAT) have provided entry-level organizer training to staff and members of community based organizations, worker center organizations, and other NPOs, as well as individuals through field work, role plays, and discussions. During this high intensity three day training, CAT participants debate approaches to social change, learn how to door-knock and/or other forms of contact work as a tool for recruiting and mobilizing constituents, participate in campaign development and actions, grassroots fundraising techniques, and learn to appreciate the legacy of organizing in communities of color and its relevance in today’s fight for social justice.
Click here for more info & to register

Co-op 101: Introduction to Cooperatives
KDC is offering a FREE Series of online recorded workshops in 2017. Everyone and anyone interested in learning more about co-ops and co-op development is welcome to attend! All interested clients who are not yet incorporated and/or otherwise operating on a cooperative basis will be asked to attend these workshops as a preliminary step to gaining assistance from a member of our team.
RSVP: a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the event or find the event on their Facebook page.

ONE Bit of Good News

Thanks to numerous sponsors, ticket buyers, and individual contributions, we raised over $12,000 at the Pike St. fundraiser! Can you help us reach our goal of $15,000 by making a one-time donation or starting a sustaining donation today?

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Thank you to our sponsors!
Barbra Kavanaugh
Bernard Demczuk
Black Zapatista
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Carl Stokes
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Live to Give Foundation
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