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Black Workers & Wellness Center Coop Organizer


About ONE DC:

ONE DC (formerly Manna CDC) was founded in 1997 (renamed Organizing Neighborhood Equity DC in 2006) in the midst of rapid neighborhood change. Our work centers on popular education, community organizing, and alternative economic development projects. Stemming from a deep analysis of race, class, gender, and power, our approaches to equitable community development and anti-gentrification address structural causes of poverty and injustice in Shaw and throughout the District of Columbia.

ONE DC's People’s Platform is the foundation of our work. The People’s Platform is a movement of low-income and working-class DC residents of color and people who share our values and vision. We seek to organize, educate, fight for and win truly affordable housing, sustaining work, and wellness for all in DC. The state of income & housing security and wellness for DC residents is bad and only getting worse. Where the city has successfully encouraged wealthier and whiter residents to move into the city, it has pushed out low-income Black residents, destroyed welfare and social programs, attacked workers’ rights, and supported a severe reduction in spending on programs for the most vulnerable. We envision a DC that retains its long-term residents and is an equitable and just place to live and work for all of its residents.

ONE DC’s Black Workers and Wellness Center (BWWC) is a member-led space that builds racial and economic justice through popular education, direct action and worker-owned alternatives. It is a center for finding and creating positive, dignified Black work and training. It’s an incubation space for alternatives to low-wage work, such as worker cooperatives, collectives, and small businesses created, owned, and operated by community residents of color. The BWWC provides a place to openly discuss the intersection of race and work, particularly what it means to be "working while Black." The BWWC creates an environment to challenge bad employers who exploit, cheat, & steal from their workers; and an educational space to talk about and create ways to provide safe, high quality, dignified work in DC. ONE DC’s Cooperation DC is a member-led initiative within the Black Workers and Wellness Center. Cooperation DC coordinates city-wide efforts for worker co-op development, including education and advocacy.

Organizationally, ONE DC has formally implemented a shared leadership structure, managed and governed by our Shared Leadership Team, composed of our not-for-profit board of directors and senior staff. We practice a non-traditional governance structure of self-management by committee, with a working board and a member-staff supervision structure that recognizes, supports and encourages the contributions of its members, staff, and directors. [More details provided during interviews and staff orientation.] ONE DC desires applicants who are self-starters, continuous learners, are motivated to perform at high levels, passionate about organizing, and can meet strict deadlines.

Black Workers and Wellness Center Coop Community Organizer Job Description (part-time)

  • Responsible for organizing and outreach to community members including long term D.C. residents.
  • Coordinate Cooperation DC organizing within the Black Workers & Wellness Center programming.
  • Build coalition with partner organizations to provide technical assistance and training to cooperative business members.
  • Promote and educate about cooperatives; create spaces and other opportunities for people to learn about co-ops.
  • Research topics and legislation related to work-related and co-op issues, especially worker cooperatives.
  • Hep facilitate co-op group meetings and training progress.
  • Help with the organizing of new cooperative groups by bringing members with like interests together. Support member-initiated activities and groups related to ONE DC’s mission, vision and values, such as learning circles.
  • Support organizing strategy campaigns with Cooperation DC, Right to Income and Black Workers and Wellness Center, and work with organizing team to outreach to community residents interested in cooperative work opportunities and training.
  • Engage in grassroots fundraising to support cooperative work.
  • Attend staff and SLT meetings and planning sessions, LEAP, Freedom Schools, and other in-house political education.
  • Work with other organizers to carry out the strategic vision of the organization.


  1. At least 2 years of demonstrated experience, training or education in direct organizing, base building, program coordination, and in particular labor rights organizing.
  2. Self-motivated and skilled at working as part of a team.
  3. Willingness to engage in honest, constructive, mindful, and compassionate reciprocal critique of self and work of team members with teams and other staff.
  4. Knowledge of Washington, D.C. communities, history, issues and organizations. Long term D.C. residents are strongly encouraged to apply and given strong preference.
  5. Willingness to learn about and commit to ONE DC’s organizing model.
  6. Willingness and ability to work with diverse community residents, particularly low-income residents, to overcome barriers to developing their strength as a community; as well as practice and develop resident-led leadership.
  7. Strong computer, internet, social media skills.

 Desired Skills:

  1. Bilingual speakers are welcome, especially Spanish, Amharic, or Chinese language proficiency.
  2. Strong research skills: knowledge of Participatory Action Research (PAR); Labor Studies.
  3. Good public and interpersonal communication skills, written, verbal.

ONE DC offers a pay rate of $18.00-$20.00 per hour for this position. ONE DC is strongly committed to staff development and training. This is an opportunity for an individual to build meaningful relationships with grassroots communities and to be a part of real, concrete social change. People of color, women, LGBTQ and bilingual applicants are strongly encouraged to apply

To Apply:

Please submit resume and cover letter electronically to [email protected] Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until the position is filled.