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Healthy Investment

ahri_burton1.jpgIn my northeast Washington neighborhood, Deanwood, the last neighborhood grocery store closed over twenty years ago. Since then, 7-Elevens and fast food establishments continue to resurface. As a result, many people are suffering from health disparities created by these poor food systems. This has motivated me to invest in the health and well-being of the people in my community and others affected by poor food systems.

I began my journey in DC working towards social equity in 2008 when I volunteered with ONE DC. ONE DC is an organization dedicated to creating neighborhood equity. ONE DC believes that all people have a right to housing, a right to be employed with livable wage jobs, and that people have a right to be healthy. It was there that I learned the power of being an effective organizer. I learned the power we have as citizens to determine the destiny of our communities. While volunteering there I learned a lot. I also served as a board member and worked on the Right to Income campaign. I was also served on the original shared leadership team when ONE DC was working to create a new leadership model.

ONE DC inspired me to do the work I do now. The Right to Wellness Campaign inspired me the most. I have always had a desire to contribute to the health and well being of the people in my community. Currently I intern with Zenful Bites, a company dedicated to creating healthy, just and sustainable food systems in Washington, D.C. I assist the chef/co-owner of the company with providing food education to elementary school students at Savoy Elementary School in southeast Washington.ahri_burton2.jpg

I am on a mission to gather the tools and resources necessary to assist my community and many others affected by these food systems in creating a culture of self-reliance by teaching them how to grow their own food and prepare and cook health-supportive meals. Our communities need healing. Over the last four years I have lost a cousin and five co-workers from diet-related illnesses, the most recent one being April of this year.

This summer I will be attending the Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary School. This school is unique because it focuses on plant-based health supportive diets. The curriculum will give me the tools to become more efficient at teaching others how to prepare and incorporate healing foods into their diet. The academy has awarded me a $6,000 food advocacy scholarship to defray my $23,000 tuition. More support is needed.

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WLC and ONE DC Support Long Time DC Residents Under the Threat of Displacement

The Washington Lawyers’ Committee has been excited to partner with ONE DC over the last several months. On the housing side, the Washington Lawyers’ Committee has joined with ONE DC to identify civil rights violations and ways to protect subsidized housing, particularly as subsidized housing transitions to market-rate housing and landlords may have incentives to encourage tenants with subsidies to move. The Washington Lawyers’ Committee is working with ONE DC to ensure that tenants are aware of and able to enforce their protections under both D.C. and federal law.

The Washington Lawyers’ Committee is also currently working with ONE DC members to help lay the groundwork for a Black Workers’ Center through ONE DC’s series of listening sessions. Our employment staff, with its background in litigation and mediation, is eager to see the Center get off the ground and to partner with workers to address issues of discrimination and unfair pay in the workplace.


It's not just about jobs. It's about Power.


Raise Up for Public Housing TOMORROW at Noon!


Wednesday, April 30, 2014 

12:00 Noon

Wilson Building, 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Metro Center/Federal Triangle Station 


Did you know that:

  • There is ZERO $$$ In the DC Budget for PUBLIC HOUSING?

  • There are HUNDREDS of units sitting VACANT while over 800 DC families are HOMELESS?

  • There are over 70,000 people on the waiting list, but DC is DEMOLISHING UNITS?

  • The "replacement" units are NOT public housing & most residents don't qualify!

Join Empower DC to demand DC:

  • Renovate vacant units for homeless families! 
  • Fund & complete needed repairs!
  • Stop demolishing public housing!
We will rally outside, then pack the budget hearing for DCHA & support residents who will testify!  If you want to testify, sign up by calling Kate at (202) 724-8198

To RSVP, get more info, request assistance with preparing testimony, request transportation or volunteer to help with outreach and phone banking before the rally, contact Schyla at (202) 234--9119 x 101 or

*Buses are being organized to transport people from Barry Farm, Greenleaf and other locations*

To understand more about the public housing crisis in DC, read this article about Barry Farm.

Support ONE DC at the Funk Parade Block Party May 2nd!

ONE DC, Raise Your City, and One Love Massive present a vibrant evening of music and arts, the U Street neighborhood, and the spirit of Funk that brings us all together. The event will serve as the official kick-off to DC's Funk Parade the following day and night, and benefit both the African American Civil War Museum and ONE DC.

  • Music: Black Masala | Sir Joe Quarterman | Jahsonic (DJ Set)
  • A screening of trailer of "Black Broadway on U TransMedia Project", recounting the African American cultural renaissance in the U Street neighborhood from the 1910s to 1950s.
  • Historians & Storytellers
  • Local Craft Breweries
  • DC Foodtrucks


ONE DC | Exercising political strength to create and preserve racial and economic equity in Shaw and the District, working toward a city equitable for all.

AFRICAN AMERICAN CIVIL WAR MEMORIAL AND MUSEUM | Preserving and telling the stories of the United States Colored Troops and African American involvement in the American Civil War. AACWMM utilizes a rich collection of primary resources, educational programming and technology to create a meaningful learning experience focused on a pivotal time in American history.

RAISE YOUR CITY | Orchestrating social change by connecting civically minded people to local non-profits, artists, and businesses invested in making a difference in their immediate community.

ONE LOVE MASSIVE | Providing social media management, talent management, and bookings for DC businesses and artists, and spreading love daily.

Get your tickets here!


Jessican Gordon Nembhard presents "Collective Courage"


April Right to Income Meeting


What's ONE DC been up to?

Check out the highlights from ONE DC's Annual Meeting & get a look at some of our ongoing campaigns.


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