Community Learning

ONE DC uses popular education techniques and values for leadership development and skills building. Popular Education is a values-changing process based on the ideals of equity and justice for change. It is inclusive and continuous, bringing people together in a safe and supportive space to discuss and analyze individual and community problems and their root causes. Finally, it helps such groups identify short and long-term actions they need to take to remedy identified problems. ONE DC models its popular education process after the consciousness-raising work conducted by SNCC and other groups in such initiatives as the Mississippi Freedom Summer and the Citizenship Schools.

ONE DC Educational Approach and Framework

  1. Develop a capacity building process that honors people’s experiences and values
  2. Promote and support healthy/shared leadership and the development of a shared vision
  3. Create a safe action space that promotes genuine alliance building
  4. Move people to make political and ideological connections
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Organizing for Neighborhood Equity in Shaw and the District